What is HD Voice?

One way to ensure call quality is to upgrade to a cloud phone system and SIP phone service that offers HD voice.

When your small business is in need of updating your phone system and phone service it is important to consider all of your PBX system and business phone service options. One way to ensure call quality is to upgrade to a cloud phone system and SIP phone service that offers HD voice.

Defining HD Voice

HD voice provides enhanced sound quality for phone calls. HD voice users have observed that the quality of sound is so clear that it is comparable to a face-to-face conversation experience. HD voice is usually available with SIP phone service providers and with a compatible HD voice-enabled SIP phone.

Traditional landline phone service does not offer this type of call quality so you’re far better off switching to a SIP trunk provider that offers HD voice for better voice clarity and consistency — and can even enhance your customer service communications.  

The Merits of HD Voice

Conversations using HD voice provide both participants with extreme clarity, improved sound quality and connection stability which eliminate miscommunications that can often occur with poor connections or voice quality. On occasion, calls will involve an exchange of acronyms, especially if government agencies or industry jargon is the focus of the conference, so clear and crisp dialogue is essential to an efficient, productive conference. If you plan on using voicemail transcription or other transcription services to record the call, then HD voice is the right choice. You will find the transcription does not contain as many errors, mistakes, or misunderstandings.

How HD Voice Works

HD voice technology takes advantage of advancements in telephony to deliver high-definition sound quality. There is a range limiting what sounds the human ear can detect, and that range typically falls somewhere between 20 Hz on the lower end and 20,000 Hz on the higher end. Of that range, a standard landline can only process and deliver a small part of the spectrum. Because landlines only provide 300 to 3400 Hz of sound quality, you should switch to SIP phone lines with HD voice, which can access more of the sound frequencies.   

To put it in simplest terms, a phone call on a regular landline will measure about 3.4 kHz, while an HD voice call will be twice as clear, with an expected range of 7 kHz. However, you should note the phone itself, along with the microphones and handsets, must be designed to send and receive signals at this frequency. You will also need the right codecs to make the sound conversion happen. Thus, as mentioned above, you may wish to consider VoIP or cloud-based phone systems for your small business.

Consider HD Voice Technology from ACC Telecom

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