3CX WebMeeting Video Conferencing tool

3CX WebMeeting is the ultimate collaboration tool for businesses or education facilities seeking an easy-to-use, secure, online video conferencing and collaboration tool.  3CX WebMeeting offers three flavors of face to face collaboration including 1:1 video meetings, classroom style, and webinar style meetings.  

Built using Google’s WebRTC technology, 3CX WebMeeting is inherently secure and encrypted, and is launched directly from your web browser- no downloads or plugins needed.  

Collaborate with Advanced Features

  • Screen Share- Share your entire screen, a single window, application, or browser tab.
  • Share PDFs- Upload, preview, and share PDFs.  All uploaded documents are automatically saved in the ‘Shared Documents Repository’.  Once the document is shared, participants can markup and interact with the PDF via the toolbox at the bottom of the screen.
  • Whiteboard- Brainstorm ideas using the whiteboard’s drawing and text tools.
  • Surveys/Polling- Gather data quickly by creating an interactive poll for participants.
  • Share Files- Presenters and Organizers can share files up to 64MB each by clicking on the file share icon or by dragging the file into the chat panel. All participants can open and save the share files.
  • Chat & React-  Chat with the Presenter and/or other participants (depending on meeting style), ask questions and offer feedback/reaction statements.
  • Recording- Record & save your trainings and meetings for future reference.
  • Remote Control-  Available for Windows PCs, Organizers can remotely control any attendee’s PC.  A great tool for when a colleague or customer needs help or support with an issue.
3CX WebMeeting Video Conferencing tool

3CX WebMeeting Video Conferencing Application

Create Ad Hoc Meetings or Schedule in Advance

To create an on-demand meeting, simply click “Start a WebMeeting” from your PC or web client to launch a meeting room.  Click the link icon to copy the meeting room link and share it with participants via chat or email.

To schedule a conferencing, simply click ‘Schedule Conference’ in your web or PC clients and choose your date, time, and upload or enter your participant email addresses.  You can also choose which calendar you would like the meeting to be applied (ex- iCal).

Joining a Web Conference

To join a 3CX WebMeeting, simply click the meeting link to open the meeting in your supported browser.  If you are a guest (invited to a video conference), then you will receive an email invitation with all of the meeting details.

You can also join meetings from your smartphone with the 3CX WebMeeting apps for iOS and Android.  Note:  The Android version allows you to participate via audio & video only.

Personalized URL with Click2Meet

Every 3CX user receives a personalized Click2Meet URL that you can share with customers, partners, students, or colleagues.  This personalized WebMeeting link is unique to you and can be found in your 3CX welcome email.  You can add the link to your email signature, virtual business cards, etc.  When someone requests a WebMeeting via your unique URL, you will be notified by email or chat.  Click on the link sent to you to accept the request and enter into the meeting.

Note:  Your administrator must set the ‘Notify Me’ option for your extension or queue for the Click2Meet request to be delivered.

Moderating Your WebMeeting

As a conference Organizer, you’ll have the ability to assign roles and rights to participants; such as screen share, remote control requests, share files, create polls, and remove users.

Organizer Role:  Full control of the meeting and can use all available features including accept, reject or kick out users (except for the meeting creator).

Presenter Role:  Share screen, create polls, share files/PDFs, and reply to remote control requests.

Participant Role:  Can participate in the meeting, open shared files, and reply to remote control requests and polls.

Customize Your Settings

Access and customize your audio, video, and network settings within the 3CX WebMeeting interface.  


3CX WebMeeting is part of the 3CX Business Communications solution which offers business phone system features, unified messaging & communications, mobile apps, contact center software, call recording, CRM integration, softphones and more.  3CX WebMeeting can be used as a standalone product, but is even more powerful when used in conjunction with the full system.  Contact ACC Telecom to learn more or schedule a demo, or visit our website to view pricing and features.

ACC Telecom is a 3CX Titanium Dealership headquartered in Columbia, Maryland and serves clients nationwide.

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