How Can You Maximize the Potential of Softphone Clients?

Softphone clients, also known as softphone apps, are tremendous ways of improving employee productivity.

Softphone clients, also known as softphone apps, are tremendous ways of improving employee productivity. These programs yield another benefit: they also increase your small business’s customer service capabilities. But a major question remains: how can you maximize the potential of softphone clients? Try these five tips and see how they can help your company thrive.

Integrate the Use of Accessories

One way to begin getting the most out of your current softphone clients is to include associated technologies. Consider this the first step towards optimizing the use of unified communications in your office. What could these accessories be? Try using earphones, the speakers, and a microphone. By using them, you can improve sound quality. Better sound quality makes the entire call experience go much more smoothly without the frustration of possible miscommunications.

Stop Using the Desktop Phone

This tip may sound unconventional, but it could also prove useful for you as well. Grow to rely on your softphone clients by de-emphasizing the standard desktop phone in your office. As long as desktop phones are still in use, your employees will tend to cling to them. These phones might not work well due to being old or out of date, and they could confuse your employees if they are not taught how to use them to their full potential.

Embrace Employees Working Off-site

As vital as your in-house employees are to your company’s health, don’t hesitate to embrace other affiliated employees who work off-site. These off-site employees can relieve the burden of overwhelming workloads for your in-house workers, and the best part is that your clients and customers might never know the difference.

Allow Work From Home Days

Another way to increase the potential of softphone usage is to give your current employees more opportunities to work from home on certain days. Even if you rotate out or limit how many employees can work from home on a particular day of the week, you can encourage their productivity and improve their morale. By increasing your flexibility, you can also give your employees the option to work off-site in severe winter weather, when their children are home from school while sick, and when employees need to schedule various appointments and not miss any time typically spent in the office.

Give Extra Vacation Time to Destress

Finally, don’t overlook or discount the value of vacation time. If your employees can go on vacation and relax, they’ll return to the office refreshed and recharged. When they use softphones, they can remain on-call and still get some of their work done, especially if they need to answer any urgent messages from customers or colleagues.

Upgrade Your Softphone Clients with ACC Telecom

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