How to Improve Your Voicemail Greeting

Don’t overlook the importance of your voicemail greetings – here are some tips on how to improve them.

Building your small business involves hard work and applying yourself in ways you might not expect. At some point, your small business may become a medium-sized one, and eventually, it’ll become a large company – either a national presence or a global giant known worldwide. That said, you need to start somewhere. Don’t overlook the importance of your voicemail greetings – here are some tips on how to improve them.

Assess Your Current Greeting

The first step to improving your voicemail greeting is to listen to it carefully. Approach it from the perspective of a potential client or customer. What would it sound like to you from that perspective? This question is crucial; especially since having any greeting is preferable to having none at all. That said, you need to welcome your callers as quickly as possible.

Make It Short

The next step is to craft a new voicemail greeting. When you do this, make it as short as possible while still sounding delighted to receive the incoming call. Once you have greeted your caller, let them leave their message and contact details. Elaborate greetings may seem more polite, but these can also frustrate your callers, causing them to hang up instead.


Whether you are recording the message or have asked a colleague to do so, don’t overlook this simple advice: practice. Practicing the greeting will aid memorization and smooth delivery, which will reduce mistakes. You should also avoid the possibility of background noise or echoes interfering with the clarity of your recording.

Hire Professionals

For your business voicemail, you may choose to hire professionals to record a message for you. You can contact your phone service provider for more information, and you can also customize the message to fit your business needs. However, if you are looking to craft a greeting for your voicemail inbox, you may want to consider an auto-attendant or a live receptionist instead.

Use Auto-Attendants

Your auto-attendant can be a tremendous boon for your small business. The auto-attendant can answer the phone if no one else is available to do so, perhaps if calls come in after-hours. Your auto-attendants will also need an updated voicemail greeting that reflects the new one you have created and recorded.

A receptionist can also be helpful because more often than not, callers will prefer to speak to a real person and not a machine. Someone answering the phone can provide prompt customer service, directing them to whichever department they are trying to reach. However, if neither of these options is a good fit for your business, then you could consider the merits of a call-forwarding program to pass the voicemail messages on to you so you can answer no matter where you are, even if you are traveling.

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