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10DLC/A2P Registration

SMS Text Messaging Compliancy for Businesses

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What is 10DLC/A2P SMS Compliancy Protocol?

Any business (including non-profits & charities) that send SMS text messages from their 10-digit business phone numbers are required to register their company and SMS-enabled numbers with The Campaign Registry (TCR).

Failure to register will result in blocked SMS traffic, higher SMS costs, and possible fines by the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).  Toll-free numbers are also subject to compliancy registration; however, there are not regulatory fees associated with toll-free number registration.

Learn More About 10DLC/A2P SMS Registration

Learn more about 10DLC/A2P SMS compliancy, and view FAQs, click here.

To register your business phone numbers for 10DLC protocol, click here.

Learn More About Toll-free Number SMS Registration

Learn more about toll-free number SMS compliancy, and view FAQs, click here.

To register your toll-free numbers, click here.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns surrounding this new industry-wide SMS compliancy protocol.  Please note that the 10DLC rules and regulations are quite fluid and continue to change quarterly, so we encourage you to visit our FAQs page for the latest 10DLC updates.




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