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Most people save up to 40% on their phone bills when using the VoIP system.

With a rapidly growing business, you may be noticing that your phone system isn’t quite up to date.  This happens a lot when more people join your team and communication gets harder as time goes on.  But did you know there is a cost-effective and easy solution?  It’s called the VoIP system, or the Voice over IP system.  There are a ton of great features that will help your business tremendously–but what are the best ones?  Let ACC Telecom tell you the facts about a VoIP system, so you can see for yourself just how useful it can be.

  1. It’s affordable.


Most people save up to 40% on their phone bills when using the VoIP system.  This is because it uses an existing broadband connection for access.  What better way to move your business forward than to save money?  Imagine all the possibilities–what could you do with 40% of your entire business phone bill?  


  1. It’s customizable.


We let you choose what you want in your package.  If you take a look at our website and find there are features you may not be using, we can cut down on those features to save your budget.   Not only does VoIP help out larger companies, but because of its customizability, it works perfectly for smaller ones, as well.


  1. It’s easily transferable.


If you have multiple locations, you don’t need to worry about having multiple phone systems.  Extra lines that are across the county can be added to your system very easily, so that your calls can be transferred and taken from different locations.  And if you’re concerned about missing a call or a voicemail because a location isn’t open on a certain day, you can set up your email to receive a notification whenever you have a voicemail (which you can listen to anywhere, anytime).


Interested in this easy solution for your communications?  ACC Telecom can install VoIP for you.


We support installing VoIP systems and other solutions across Maryland, Washington D.C., and northern Virginia.  Contact us if you’re interested, or if you want to see how you can try out the system free of charge.


ACC Telecom is certain to be the right telecommunications company for businesses everywhere. We have been providing expert service and advice since 1979 and can meet all of your telecommunications needs. We offer a wide range of business phone and video surveillance systems to meet the needs of any organization.  We have been helping build the future of communications for business all across Maryland, DC, and Northern VA.

Please contact ACC Telecom to request service or a quote. Send an email to solutions@acctelecom.com or give us a call at any of the following numbers:

  • 410-995-0101 (main)
  • 888-226-2216 (toll-free)
  • 202-347-0127 (Washington DC)
  • 703-281-3400 (Northern VA)
  • 301-621-4646 (Western MD)


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