You may have heard of PBX Hacking or Call Hacking.  This terminology refers to a third party gaining access to your phone lines and placing hundreds if not thousands of international calls all at the expensive of your business.  Contrary to popular belief, VoIP phone service (specifically SIP Trunks) can offer more security and prevention than landlines.  However, not all VoIP Carriers are created equally, so be sure to do your homework and ask your VoIP Carrier about their Call Hacking prevention and notification tools.

3 reasons why our VoIP service is more secure than landlines:

  1.  Real-time Notifications and Prevention.  Should your company place 15 international calls in 15 minutes, we will contact you to verify the legitimacy of these calls.  If you reach 30 international calls in 30 minutes, international calling will be disabled until we receive verification from your team that the calls are valid.  Historically, landlines do not offer real-time prevention and notification.  Normally, you will be contacted by the landline carrier after the calls have already been placed.  Then you need to present a written account of steps you have taken to prevent a future breach from occurring to receive a credit for the fraudulent calls.
  2. PIN Code Protection.  VoIP customers are provided an account PIN code to place international calls.   Each PIN code is generated anonymously and should only be distributed to authorized personnel.  International calling PIN codes provide greater security and prevention of fraudulent call usage.
  3. Day and Time Restrictions.  VoIP customers can disable international calling completely or set certain day and time parameters for placing international calls.  For example, customers can restrict international calling after 6 p.m. on the weekdays and all day on the weekends.  This helps businesses cut down on unauthorized calling use especially from after-hours cleaning and maintenance crews.

ACC Telecom is a VoIP provider of SIP Trunks and Cloud Phone Systems.  For more information on PBX Hacking or Call Hacking, or additional tips to prevent phone system hacking attempts, please contact us or continue to read our blog.


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