What Are Some Telecom Industry Trends to Watch in 2018?

Every industry changes and advances as the years pass. Here are three exciting telecom industry trends to watch this year.

Every industry changes and advances as the years pass. The telecom industry is no different. Here are three exciting telecom industry trends to watch this year.

The Continued Rise of 5G

5G is already widely popular in the telecom industry. Thus, it’s not surprising to discover that it is one of the hottest telecom industry trends this year. That said, 5G won’t be the only infrastructure to make gains. WiFi will continue to expand accordingly. The number of available WiFi hotspots is projected to explode, meaning that by 2021 there will be 541 million in use. As unlikely as it seems, 4G networks will also benefit from all this growth. In essence, the dominance of data, especially mobile data, is expected to continue without showing any sign of slowing down.


NFV, which is short for network functions virtualization, is the second telecom industry trend we’ll examine. The primary goal of NFV is to facilitate infrastructure design and compatibility between different software programs. In essence, NFV is another avenue to unified communications. Depending on the demand for data storage and transmission, and the size of your network, NFV can be optimized to work in the cloud for your small business. One consideration to keep in mind is how NFV illustrates your specific business requirement for data packets, voice packets, and geo-redundancy.

The IoT

The IoT, or Internet of Things, is the third item in our list of telecom industry trends. IDC has already predicted that almost 30 billion devices will be part of the IoT by 2020. Cisco, on the other hand, forecasts 50 billion. Regardless of how many connections there are, there is no question IoT will continue to propel the telecom industry into the future. Roughly $2 trillion dollars in revenue could be made by riding the momentum of IoT growth.

Before the advent of the IoT communications were still somewhat limited by traditional and conventional methods. This disposition meant voice calls, video calls, and messaging could only connect two people at a time. Sometimes, it could improve a user’s experience when communicating with machines. But now that IoT is on the rise within the telecom industry, old limitations are quickly diminishing. All three of these technologies demonstrate how much and how quickly the telecom industry is changing. If your small business hasn’t already taken steps to adapt, now is the time!

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